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Skin Care Therapy (SCT) offers a variety of treatments using a range of professional medical grade and naturally derived products. Each are designed as a complete solution to synergistcally combat the adverse effects of genetics, free radicals, pollution, stress and over-exposure to the sun.

The natural facial products feature an uplifting blend of potent botanicals to fortify the skin and defend against free radicals while using the benefits of marine collagen to restructure the skin. The medical grade product line offers effective skin peels and take-home products designed to provide a complete treatment system. The purified active ingredients packed inside the peels allow skin care products to work quickly and efficiently while stimulating collagen and elastin. Restoring the youthful glow and texture after one treatment, your skin will feel noticeably smoother and hydrated, with dramatic improvements in its overall health and appearance.

Skin Care Therapy

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