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Facials and Skin Resurfacing

SCT Balancing Facial (Normal/Combination Skin)
This facial achieves reduced oil production, minimized pore appearance and overall healthier hydrated skin. Results are a clean, clear and balanced face with increased smoothness and firmness.

SCT Clarifying Facial (Oily/Acneic Skin)
This clarifying facial is perfect for oily skin and extremely effective on congested acneic skin. Visible results can be achieved by the second session. However, dramatic results will be achieved, especially when applied in a series of treatments and used in conjunction with the appropriate home care.

SCT Smoothing Facial (Hyper-Pigmented Skin)
This facial treats acne scarring, sun damaged skin and hyper-pigmentation giving skin a smooth and more even complexion. Natural AHA and Kojic Acid extracts have been proven to prevent and correct discoloration and balance skin tone. Revealing a warm youthful glow to firmer more hydrated and even toned skin.

SCT Soothing Facial (Inflamed/Rosacea)
This facial calms and cools irritated inflamed skin due to environmental factors, hormones or genetics. Resulting in reduced redness and restored moisture while rebalancing the natural pH of the skins acid mantle.

SCT Reversing Facial (Mature/Anti-Aging)
This age defying facial targets the first signs of aging. This treatment also aids in the battle to prevent and repair sun damage and wrinkles at the same time fighting the effects of gravity. The skin will appear visibly smoother and softer with noticeable improvements of fine lines, increasing overall firmness and tone, and giving your face the lift and vitality it needs.

SCT Purifying Peel Facial (Acne)
This intense purifying facial uses a combination of Salicydic Acid and Beta-Hydroxy Acid designed to penetrate excess oil which will repair skin conditions such as acne and enlarged pores. Skin blemishes will be cleared, acne lesions will be healed, skin inflammation reduced and skin will be exfoliated to give an overall healthier complexion.

SCT Diamond Microdermabrasion (Environmentally Stressed)
This powerful re-texturizing facial uses crystal free microdermabrasion with diamond tips to aid in optimum skin resurfacing. This treatment mechanically buffs away skin’s rough exterior, fine lines and hyper pigmentations due to environmental damage revealing a more even toned radiant glow to skin’s exterior.

SCT Refresh Facial – (Extractions Not Included)
This abbreviated facial addresses areas of concern quickly and effectively whether you are short on time and need a quick recharge or you are just being introduced to the world of facial health.

SCT Men’s Restorative Facial
This facial perfectly replenishes moisture levels to the skin helping diminish wrinkles and expression lines while stimulating cell renewal leaving the skin firm, toned and rehydrated.

SCT Teen Clean Facial
This facial is designed to help introduce young adults to effective products and proper home care regimen to help correct and maintain the specific needs for their constantly changing skin. This treatment includes an analysis of their skin, a deep pore cleanse followed by a soothing and calming healing mask.

SCT Back Facial
This treatment targets the one area that is often neglected or forgotten. The back facial includes all the benefits of a facial for the back, beginning with a deep cleansing and exfoliation followed by extractions (if necessary), finishing with a relaxing and hydrating back massage.

All facials incorporate a combination of botanical and medical grade products customized for each individual’s needs. SCT’s advanced facial treatments involve cutting edge anti-aging technology and products while restoring the skin’s matrix with no discomfort or downtime, inhibiting skins aging process, and delaying the need for invasive procedures.